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Promotion program for the CO2 reduction of buildings in Herzogenaurach

The promotion program for the CO2 reduction of buildings in Herzogenaurach (in cooperation with the work group Energy of the local Agenda 21) provides several possibilities to realize measures for the CO2 reduction and receive considerable financial support from the Town of Herzogenaurach. The promotion program includes residential buildings as well as non-residential buildings.

Promotion possibilities:

1. Energy pass with on-site consultation

This promotion program module provides financial support for an energetic inventory as well as expert advice on reasonable renovation measures. You will receive information on the status of your building and possible energy-saving measures. You will also be given an estimation of costs including the corresponding amortization period.The Town of Herzogenaurach promotes the issue of requirements-based energy passes with precedent on-site consultation or an equivalent consultation. The on-site (or equivalent) consultation is a prerequisite for receiving the financial support for renovation measures (for overall concepts as well as individual measures).

2. Redevelopment of buildings - overall concepts

Thermal protection measures for old buildings raise high costs but also save a considerable amount of energy and correspondingly reduce the CO2 emission. The Town of Herzogenaurach therefore promotes such measures with max. 4,000 EUR for the first residential unit and a lump-sum of 300 EUR for each additional residential unit (with max. 11 additional residential units). Consequently, the maximum sum of financial support is 7,300 EUR.

3. Redevelopment of buildings - individual measures

This promotion program module includes individual measures for thermal protection and the improvement of thermal protection on existing buildings. Projects eligible for financial promotion include the thermal protection of exterior walls, basement ceilings or wall and floor areas with soil contact, roofs or topmost floor ceilings of buildings, as well as the exchange of windows and exterior doors. The maximum promotion sum in this case is 4,800 EUR.

4. Financial promotion of new buildings (passive house or KfW efficiency house 40)

Especially for new buildings, an anticipatory view on energy-saving construction measures is important. New building projects eligible for financial promotion include new constructions meeting the KfW efficiency house 40 (or equivalent) requirements or the passive house standards. The Town of Herzogenaurach supports such new constructions with a lump-sum of 2,500 EUR.

5. Promotion of energy-saving advice services for private households

A promotion sum of up to 50 EUR is granted for on-site energy-saving advice services provided by an independent certified energy adviser. 

6. Solar heat promotion

A promotion sum of up to 600 EUR is granted for the installation and extension of solar heating systems used for water heating, space heating support or a combination of both functions.