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Fluss. Land. Stadt! Urban Spaces in India

Visit the open-air exhibition "Urban Spaces in India" at the Aurach-Promenade. Here you will see various scenes out of public areas in Indian citys and metropolises. The exhibition can be visit until July 2021.

©Florian Lang"Taking pictures in India is generally quite rewarding. Many photographers found their photographic eye in India and some of the more well-known images from India have long been part of a global collective memory. Many people may already have an idea of an India, without ever having been there. While it is not difficult to find motives as a traveler because the country seem to be so different from Europe, this also tempts one to focus primarily on these differences, leading to the reproduction of stereotypes. (...) For this series, I deliberately selected images which primarily show a modern India or at least do not exclude modern aspects. Perhaps, the juxtaposition of technical innovations and social change on the one hand, and traditional ways of working and living on the other is what shape today’s India." (Florian Lang)

About the photographer

Florian Lang (* 1980) grew up in Herzogenaurach and has been living in Delhi since 2010. While working as an educator, a project with pinhole cameras with children brought him (back) to photography, a medium that has fascinated him since childhood. Florian undertakes most of his projects in South Asia, especially in India. With his work, the photographer wants to convey a contemporary picture of India and question clichés.

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Outdoor exhibition "Urban Spaces in India"
Florian Langs talks with Gillian Gonsalves about his life in India and the actual outdoor exhibition "Urban Spaces in India" at the Aurachpromenade in Herzogenaurach. A look at modern-day India with all its contradictions, through the lens of Florian Lang, a photographer from Herzogenaurach who lives and works in Delhi


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