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Medieval Festival in Herzogenaurach

Every year, with the beginning of the summer holidays, knights and minstrels, craftsmen and artists arouse a medieval atmosphere within the historic scenery of the Old Town of Herzogenaurach.

All the family can enjoy travelling back into the rough and tumble of the past: with a walk through the big market, which no-one leaves without purchasing an item of traditional carving or wickerwork, or a visit to the "camp" around the castle moat with its inhabitants in medieval costume. One of the hilghlights of the opening of this colourful pageant is a medieval procession on the Saturday. Admission is free!

Special program for kids and sunday shopping

On Saturday and Sunday the Herzo Lesepaten will read stories for kids in the Town Museum. And even the Town Museum is open on Sunday for acitivities for kids and families. Visit the area of the Town Museum and get to know some sheep!
Enjoy a stroll through the medieval city and visit its shops!


Town of Herzogenaurach
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