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Summer Festival (Sommerkirchweih)

The Herzogenaurach summer fair is the scene of a merry social gathering. Discover it by yourself and visit the summer fair from 5 July to 14 July 2019!

This relatively recent summer fair was first held in 1952 (when it was called the Aurachgründer Volksfest). The beer garden and cellar by the river Weihersbach is the scene of the July celebrations. The lush foliage of the old trees in particular gives this fair its special charm and allows the visitors to enjoy the summer temperatures and the cool shade – as well as a cool beer or two, of course.

The Herzogenaurach fair boasts all sorts of fairground rides and stalls, as well as the traditional “fair tree” (maypole) and regional beer. And to go with the Franconian and international culinary specialities, there’s good live music to spread the party mood. Well-known bands and musicians playing the latest hits and oldies ensure a fun atmosphere. And for those who like their music a bit harder, the “Rockkeller” is the place to go. 

Pre-sale of "Biermarken" and reservation


Achim Hubmann
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Glaßn-Keller, TS Handballabteilung

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Familie Baier
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Spotz'n-Keller, Frische Quelle

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Volkshaus-Keller, KCH

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Lothar Babler
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