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Advent season in Herzogenaurach: Exhibition at shop windows

Atmospheric, artistic, extraordinary:  You will find a special activity during the Advent season in the heart of Herzogenaurach. Five artists designed 24 shop windows in an artistic way and so you will find an atmospheric ambience in Herzogenaurach.

SchaufensterausstellungHandlettering, graffiti, 3D-art, collage or illustration - be curious about a very special Advent calendar in the town center. Take your time and stroll along the main and side streets in Herzogenaurach and be aware of 24 works of art at different shop windows. You will also find the numbers 1 to 24 at the shop windows.

The artists are Hannah Rabenstein, Hombre SUK (Pablo Fontagnier), Julian Vogel, Luisa Stömer and Eva Wünsch, who are well known in our region and even in other countries, came to Herzogenaurach to make it a special time for the citizens.

Shop windows and their artists

1   Hauptstraße 39 (Julian Vogel)
2   An der Schütt 12 (Hombre SUK)
3   Steinweg 11 (Hombre SUK)
4   Erlanger Straße 1 (Wünsch & Stömer)
5   Hauptstraße 25 - 27 (Hannah Rabenstein)
6   Hauptstraße 44 (Hannah Rabenstein)
7   Zum Flughafen 3 (Hombre SUK)
8   Hauptstraße 21 (Wünsch & Stömer)
9   Reytherstraße 7 (Wünsch & Stömer)
10 Hauptstraße 32 (Hannah Rabenstein)
11 An der Schütt 12 (Julian Vogel)
12 Hauptstraße 34 (Wünsch & Stömer)
13 Hintere Gasse 75 (Julian Vogel)
14 Hauptstraße 28 (Wünsch & Stömer)
15 Hauptstraße 18 (Hannah Rabenstein)
16 Ritzgasse 6 (Hombre SUK)
17 Hauptstraße 35 (Wünsch & Stömer)
18 Hauptstraße 53 (Hannah Rabenstein)
19 Steinweg 11 (Julian Vogel)
20 An der Schütt 26 (Julian Vogel)
21 Erlanger Straße 2 (Hombre SUK)
22 Bahnhofstraße 1 (Hombre SUK)
23 Marktplatz 5 (Julian Vogel)
24 Kirchenplatz Pfarrzentrum St. Magdalena (Hannah Rabenstein)

Creative Advent season for families

There is also a special offering for kids, families and adults during the Advent season. There will be a box at the daily window filled with ideas for the weeks until Christmas. The team of the Generation Center fills the box and offers a "family time to go". Please find more information here:  Generationen Center


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