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“hin&herzo - the Cultural Festival”!

The former “Herzogenaurach Culture Days” have now become the Cultural Festival: One weekend between summer and autumn, full of cultural enjoyments under one thrilling theme. In 2019 it will be "Fantasy"!

“hin&herzo - the Cultural Festival” is a festival in the heart of Herzogenaurach, providing easy access and lots of sensible, but also ambiguous controversial cultural experiences. Save the date from September 27 to September 29, 2019! More information are provided soon.



hin&herzo - The Cultural Festival 2018

Die Herde der Maschinenwesen, ©isslerimages
Style Scouts im Schlosshof, ©isslerimages
Das Kabarett der guten Wünsche, ©isslerimages
Axel Hacke liest im Kulturpavillon, ©Stadt Herzogenaurach
Lichtinstallation am Fehnturm, ©isslerimages
Gastrolution mit dem KuechenDuett, ©isslerimages
The Black Elephant Band, ©isslerimages
Revolutionsrasen in der Hauptstraße, ©isslerimages

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