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The hin&herzo children’s program

hin&herzo – The Culture Festival does not only offer high-level entertainment for grown-ups. There will also be a lot to experience and to discover for children and teenagers. Children theater, a book reading and fanciful creatures will be waiting in the town center of Herzogenaurach to meet the younger generation.

»The Little Prince« by Antoine de Saint-Exupery“
Theater group “Theater Fritz und Freunde” with live music by the band MANDARA

The Little Prince lives on a mini-planet together with his rose. One day he starts a fantastic journey through the universe. Join the Little Prince on his journey, meeting strange characters and finding weird answers! The theater group “Theater Fritz und Freunde” and MANDARA will be your companions: Their theater play with live music will tell you in a funny, acrobatic and musical way where the Little Prince finally finds the answers to his questions about life and how our heart sometimes has the best answers!
Saturday, 28th September, 2.00 pm, Cultural Pavilion (for children of 6 years or older)
Advance sale: 7.00 EUR / 4.00 EUR (reduced)
Box office: 9.00 EUR / 6.00 EUR (reduced)

»The Frog King« based on the fairytale by the Brothers Grimm
Theater group “Theater Fritz und Freunde”

©Theater Fritz und FreundeImagination? You know what that is! So it should be no problem at all that Princess Carrot in the play “The Frog King” can speak, while the frog only croaks. You can easily imagine how the two of them get along very well! The funny, subtle play including a frog, Carrot and King Red Cabbage will invite the audience to participate – and your parents will definitely like it, too!
Saturday, 28th September, 4.30 pm, Cultural Pavilion (for children of 3 years or older
Advance sale: 17.00 EUR / 13.00 EUR (reduced)
Box office: 19.00 EUR / 15.00 EUR (reduced)

»TheThree ??? and the Snake Ritual«
Book reading and signing with Piwi (Christopher Tauber)«

©Christopher TauberChristopher Tauber, also called Piwi, not only is an award-winning cartoonist and publisher (“Comicverlag Zwerchfell” publishing company), but also has been part of the team of authors creating the stories of the popular Three ??? since 2014. Today he will read to you from the newest adventures of Justus Jonas, Peter Shaw and Bob Andrews: Listen to their exciting investigations of the Snake Ritual and get Piwi’s signature!
Sunday, 29th  September, 2.00 pm, Culture Pavilion
(for children of 8 years and older)
Advance sale: 7.00 EUR / 4.00 EUR (reduced)
Box office: 9.00 EUR / 6.00 EUR (reduced)