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Gain new perspectives and see your town with different eyes when visiting “hin&herzo - the Cultural Festival” - experience all our different and diverse event locations! Besides classical event locations, the artists will also conquer new and unusual rooms and places.

The “hin&herzo Discovery Area”

Visit the “hin&herzo Discovery Area” to make new experiences connected to our town. The main road (Hauptstraße) and market square (Marktplatz) will be closed to traffic and in the hands of our artists. The “hin&herzo Discovery Area” program is free. Everybody is invited to gain new perspectives on the Herzogenaurach town center while enjoying the music, literature, presentations, performances and street art. Stroll through the “hin&herzo Discovery Area” and, at your own pace and according to your own taste, stay or move on whenever and wherever you want. Linger or stay? Music or street art? Your sensible program and program guide consists of diverse acoustic, visual and “culinary” incentives.

The “hin&herzo Discovery Area” invites you to experience your town in an unusual and exciting way. Performances like “Die Herde der Maschinenwesen (The Flock of Machine Creatures)”, “Das Kabarett der guten Wünsche (The Cabaret Show of Good Wishes)”, or “Onil, der Drache (Onil the Dragon) are some of the highlights presented at the downtown arts area. At sunset, light itself will become one of the artists. The well-known town will present some very new nuances of itself. Illuminations, light art and light design - created and implemented by LICHPLANUNG+ - will cover the “hin&herzo Discovery Area” in revolutionary colors.

The “hin&herzo Discovery Area” program hours are:

Friday, 28th September 2018, 5.00 pm to 0.30 am
Saturday, 29th September 2018, 10.00 am to 0.30 am
Sunday, 30th September 2018, 11.00 am to 0.30 am

Culture Pavilion

The “hin&herzo Culture Pavilion” can be found in the heart of the Discovery Area. The multifunctional event tent with a small stage and approx. 150 seats is the exquisite focal point for all types of events. It is the location for the opening event and the award ceremony for the “hin&herzo Project Award”, but also for theater plays, readings, music and movie events. Some of the events taking place at the Culture Pavilion are highlight events of the festival and therefore require an entry fee. Axel Hacke, for example, will be one of our Culture Pavilion guests. Further information can be found under program (Link) and tickets (Link).

Classical Event Locations

Besides the “hin&herzo Discovery Area”, “hin&herzo - the Cultural Festival” also offers events taking place at classical and familiar event locations. This enables you and your family and friends to plan in advance which of our highlight events you would like to visit and to reserve your seat by purchasing a ticket in advance. Locations for these events are, for example, the event hall “Vereinshaus”, or the St. Magdalena church. Here, you might enjoy Jazz music with the fantastic Jazz musician Barbara Dennerlein, or indulge in the music of the great Ludwig van Beethoven for one evening. Tickets are available here.