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hin&herzo Discovery Area

Stroll, discover, look for arts and inspiration - the “hin&herzo Discovery Area” is the heart of the festival and the central place of experience. You will run into fantastic things at every turn. Public space becomes space for arts - populated by fantastic installers, illuminated by light installations and with stimulating flavors wafting through the streets.

The Discovery Area covers the main street and the market square and is completely free. Traffic is barred out, imagination is invited in - the Discovery Area is in the hands of the artists. You will also find the three different stages here: the outdoor stage (market square), the stage in the backyard of the former Lang bakery, and the stage in the courtyard of the Metallbau Drebinger blacksmith’s workshop. Additionally, there also is the Culture Pavilion - the focal point for extraordinary events (fee-based).
Performance programs

The fairies Silya and Elodie from “Blütenlichtträger” make flowers, blossoms and gemstones glow from the inside with their light trees. When suddenly an old-fashioned coffee grinder starts pulling stories and pictures out of its steamer trunk, you’ve probably run into the Kurbel-Koffer. Maybe it is even being accompanied by the insatiable dragon Onil? The grass-green omnivore is actually fond of children. His magic stomach always yearns for food and disdains neither plastic waste nor apple cores.

The elaborate artistic installation Beautiful Water enables the audience to sensually experience the gracefulness and significance of water. The Water Café is being run by two actors in a quiet, subtle and amusing way. Stay for a while and bathe in this quiet and easy atmosphere.

On Sunday afternoon you will meet the performance Walk Act Traumtheater Neuburg. It is the aim of this project to enable children of all culture groups to spend time together in a creative and peaceful manner, and to support juvenile refugees through culture programs.

The story teller Kathinka Marcks makes 101 stories under an umbrella become alive - small, personal, lively, mystic. Under this magic umbrella, time goes by at a slower pace, colors are more intensive, wishes are bigger and wonders become experiences.

The dancer Tina Essl was the winner of the hin&herzo Project Award in 2018. In 2019, she will dance the story of a clown who loses his imagination and finally finds it again. Her co-dancers are Absurd Ball and Ball of Imagination. This told-and-danced fantasy story for children is followed by a creative activity.

Stage programs

There are three stages as basis for fantastic experiences on those boards that mean the (dream) world. One of the highlights is the singer-songwriter and poet Clara Louise who will touch the audience not only with her German folk pop but also when reading her poetic miniatures.

Alberto Parmigiani (Handpan) and Ting Huang (Yoga) create a meditative atmosphere with the mystic sounds of their happy life healing / meditation. The diverse rhythms inspired by African, Samba, Afro Cuban and Latin influences touch the hearts of the audience and at the same time give vitality and joy.

An Erminig from Brittany makes Breton storytelling come alive: Long before the introduction of movies, TV and newspapers, bizarre, funny or sad events, stories, legends and rumors were taken from place to place by touring minstrels. The program Plomadeg refers to this tradition and uses (dancing) songs and ballads to tell about cheerful, moving, but also sad daily-life occurrences of the Breton rural population, as well as filigreed and often dramatically presented fairytales and legends, inspiring the imagination of the audience.

Fantasia Mistica is the name of the current cycle of compositions by Volkmar Studtrucker. The festival will host the premiere of this work. This kind of music invites the audience to dream and breathe - it creates fantastic images and gives our ears a treat with its new well-sounding harmonies. Markus Rießbeck plays the saxophones and the composer himself plays the grand piano.

Poetry and imagination - these two go along very well since you need imagination - and passion! - to create entertaining slam texts. Poetry Slam does not mean rattling out some poems sitting at a cozy table - it means performing with heart and soul!


The exhibition PhantaDu by Pablo and Mikis Fontagnier gives imagination, impulses and motivation. Imagination never is a one-way street but flows to and fro in a feral yet canalized way, sometimes upsetting, sometimes inspiring, but always wonderful.

The photo club Herzogenaurach present their exhibition Imagination in Pictures at the town museum. Abstract Photography (Saturday and Sunday, 2.00 pm until 8.00 pm). This kind of art blends photography and painting, with pictures meandering between reality and abstraction - photographers from our midst capture their imagination on canvas.

The exhibition The Colors of Senegal (vernissage: Saturday, 10.30 am, open from 2.00 pm until 5.00 pm) presents the works of seven artists from Thiès, the sister diocese of Bamberg, at the KunstRaum. With this touring exhibition, the artists grant insights into their homes and lives.
The poster exhibition The Power of Emotions - Germany 19 | 19 depicts the political and social impact of emotions like fear, hope, love and anger.


Participate, create, get informed 

Catching dreams is an interactive activity where you can create your own individual dreamcatcher. Plunge into the magic and mystic world of dreams.

Fantastic creations and informative entertainment: The team of BTM-Guitars from Nuremberg offers an on-site instrument service (changing strings, adjustments, value assessments) and invite their guests to a “guitar talk”. Imagination is required here when creating your own ukulele or guitar strap, or participating in a video course about a quick start for playing ukulele.

Interested in a fantastic guided tour through your home town? Tour guide Dieter Hagen will take you on a fantastic journey through medieval Herzogenaurach. Old mystic legends, exciting stories from the bathhouses, fatal court decisions, the origins of street names like “Zum Köpfwasen” and “Galgenhof”, and other fascinating historic topics boost the imagination of the audience.
The café in the dark of the Erfahrungsfeld zur Entfaltung der Sinne (place of experiences for the development of the senses) from Nuremberg takes you to a “sense-ful” journey of experiences: How do you drink a lemonade in absolute darkness, how do you eat a snack? Darkness sharpens our senses.

The Camera Obscura also plays with light and shadow: As soon as light comes into the dark camera, an image of the outside world becomes visible.

The Generations.Center of the Town of Herzogenaurach in cooperation with the rabatz house for the youth invite everybody to give free rein to their imagination and get creative with musical background.
On Sunday, younger guests and their families are invited to participate in a journey to the Wonderful Neverland, the world of Alice and Peter Pan, on the market square of imagination. Interactive games and handicraft activities invite the audience to use their imagination and have fun with self-made “crazy hats”, a “tea party” with the children’s carousel, the “Peter Pan ship” made of cardboard, or the “color catapult”. Or you join an exciting round of Alice in Wonderland Jumbo-Memory and the oversize board game Treasure Hunt on Neverland.

The rooms of imagination proof that imaginary journeys are meant for every age group: Here you will be taken to the jungle or to the seashore by sensible impressions, sounds and fragrances.
Anybody preferring trips with tourist guides may join one of the guided imaginary journeys at the Reformhaus Dorweiler.

Inclusion at the mini movies

Inclusion is a matter of the heart for the “hin&herzo - the Cultural Festival” team. There are several very active work groups dealing with inclusion in Herzogenaurach. It is their aim to enable persons with disabilities to participate in public and cultural live without barriers.  The festival is the place for inclusion in arts. The mini movies container is a contribution from the “Herzo inclusive - Leisure and Culture” group and presents four short movies produced by Aktion Mensch under the headline “Imagination moves you” in an infinite loop: “Mission Future”, “The New Closeness”, “The First Time” and “Quite Inseparable”.

Light Arts and Illumination

Markus Stirn (Lichtplanung+) and Andrea Lieb create atmospheres, places and disembodied worlds with their light arts. Their fantastic illuminations stir the imagination of the culture festival guests and offer some new perspectives. The creative origin and center of the newly created fantastic worlds is the parish church of St. Magdalena. A high-end architectural facade illumination makes the church shine in a new light: The temporary illumination literally turns night into day and enables an atmospheric-haptic visual experience - fantastic and surprising.

On the market square, fantastic worlds will be presented on a water curtain in the fountain. Or you prefer wandering through a world of dreams between light steles? The hin&herzo Discovery Area presents exciting and fascinating natural phenomena that stimulate our imagination. Five shining men work on a scaffold every night. On Main Street, the visitors become as small as meadow animals surrounded by giant poppy blossoms on a summer meadow, with bees flying around and a colorful forest inviting everybody to dream away for a while.

Opening hours

Friday, 27 September
6.00 pm to 11.00 pm

Saturday, 28 September
2.00 pm to 11.00 pm

Sunday, 29 September
11.00 am to 8.00 pm


1 Backyard of the fomer Lang bakery
2 Blacksmith Drebinger
3 Outdoorstage am Marktplatz (Bühne)
4 hin&herzo-Kulturpavillon
5 Church St. Magdalena, Kirchenplatz