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Newly published: “Stories from Herzogenaurach”

Pictures attracting the beholder’s attention and surprising stories about people who love their town. Immerse yourself into stories of a town characterised by modernisation and innovation and, at the same time, by its roots and traditions.

null“What makes Herzogenaurach so special is its cosmopolitan nature which you would absolutely not expect from a town of this size.” Gillian Gonsalves, who moved to Herzogenaurach from Mumbai in India in 2002, has experienced the small metropolis at the Aurach river as a microcosm of our global world. The amateur photographer Helmut Fischer is enthusiastic about his “Herziaura”, the home of his life, and has published regional calendars with his personal pictures for several years. The actress Lisa Bitter, grown up in Herzogenaurach and known to a wide public as inspector in the TV crime series “Tatort”, always enjoys coming home for a visit. She lovingly calls the Dohnwald forest a “good friend”.

These and many other wholehearted lovers of Herzo get a chance to tell their story in the book “Stories from Herzogenaurach”. With its casual magazine-style texts and the expressive photographies, the book with its more than 100 pages lets the reader trace the unique lifestyle of this town - as varied as the people calling it their home.


“Stories from Herzogenaurach”, including an English translation, is available at Bücher, Medien und mehr, Haupstraße 21, or at the Tourist Info, Hauptstraße 34. The price is 22.00 EUR.

Herzo Stadtbuch (Leseprobe)


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