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Join us and become a "HerzoCoach"!

Since the school year of 2011/2012, about 20 voluntary HerzoCoaches have accompanied about 20 teenagers as supportive neutral persons in school life in a "tandem", i.e. one-to-one situation, starting in 7th grade, and also afterwards during the time of applying for an apprenticeship training position until the beginning thereof.

Despite the large number of vacant apprenticeship training positions in our region, it is sometimes hard for students to be accepted for such position. In this case, a "Coach" may help: As a neutral older person with professional experience who could be a supportive companion from outside the conflict areas “student – school” or “child – parents”.

A Coach is not a private teacher but is to give support with - in the broadest sense – the personality development of the relevant teenager in a voluntary one-to-one situation. The Coach might support the teenager with identifying and further developing his competences.

The "HerzoCoach" project of the Town of Herzogenaurach is internally organized according to the "Cadolzburg model" and is supported by Sparkasse Erlangen and the "Schülerchoach" foundation. The project is promoted by the Town of Herzogenaurach.

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Erlanger Str. 16
91074 Herzogenaurach

Phone +49 (0) 9132 / 734170