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From recorder and violin to electric guitar - the qualified teachers of the Herzogenaurach Music school teach their students in accordance with the guidelines of the Association of German Music Schools. For some subjects, also rental instruments are available.

Basic classes / elementary education

Early music education

Music is imparted in a playful manner, by singing, speaking and hearing, by  action, dance and playing instruments
8-12 children, 4 to 6 years, duration: 1 or 2 years

Basic music education for 1st graders

("JEKI" means "one instrument for every child", elementary school Project)

"Instrumental carousel"

getting to know one instrument at a time, the children visit classes for recorder, ukulele and violin
4 children, 6 years or older, duration: 1 year

Instrumental and vocal classes

On elementary level, the students mainly attend instrumental classes in groups of 2 or more students. Generally, individual classes are attended as of intermediate level.


Clarinet, Euphonium, Recorder, Saxophone, tansverse flute, Trombone,Trumpet, Horn

Bowed instruments

Viola, Violin Violoncello, Upright bass

Keyboard instruments

Piano, Church organ, Keyboard, Accordion

Plucked instruments

Guitar (classical, jazz, electric), Mandolin, Ukulele, Harp, Zither, Electric bass

Percussion instruments

Drums, Vibraphone

Vocal classes

Singing classes


Fore some classes, rental instruments are available


For students as of intermediate level, our ensembles offer the possibility to play music in groups on a regular basis. On request, we also welcome external musicians to our ensembles. more...

The following ensembles are currently active:

  • Akkordeonorchester - Roland Baumann
  • Akkordeonensemble Erwachsene - Roland Baumann
  • Blockflötenensemble - Uli Nix
  • Blockflötenensemble Erwachsene - Uli Nix
  • Cello-Ensemble - Matthias Schick
  • Folk Music - Uwe Freytag
  • Gitarrenensemble - Anita Stierstorfer
  • Gitarrenensemble Erwachsene - Anita Stierstorfer
  • Harfenensemble - Uli Nix
  • Jazzchor - Margit Denk
  • Jazz-Rock-Pop-Combos - Johannes Göller, Roli Müller
  • Klarinettenensemble - Roland Baumann
  • Musikschul-Musi - Anita Stierstorfer
  • Querflötenensemble Erwachsene - Gabriele Haberberger
  • Querflötenspielkreise - Gabriele Haberberger
  • "Sax mal anders" - Markus Rießbeck
  • Streetband - Regina Scherer
  • Streicherensemble - Matthias Schick, Gabriele Haberberger
  • Trompetenensemble - Regina Scherer
  • Vokalensemble - Margit Denk