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One town, one brand?

Herzogenaurach - located in the center of the European Metropolitan Region of Nürnberg - is unique and has a lot to offer. Still, Herzogenaurach has to compete with many other towns and cities with regard to offering a place for living, working, shopping and recreation.
Just like products or enterprises, also towns and cities convey a brand. You only need to hear the name of a well-known city to think of the corresponding sight, atmosphere or connotation. This means that any town or city always has, or is, a brand as well. Therefore it is crucial to make strategic use of the "brand of Herzogenaurach" and further develop it so that Herzogenaurach can remain - and even further increase - its attractiveness in the future. In this context it is important for us that as many participators as possible in and around Herzogenaurach can benefit from this brand development.
With the support of many Herzogenaurach citizens, the Town of Herzogenaurach has laid the foundation for the further brand development. One of many corresponding aspects is the brand mission for Herzogenaurach.

One element of the brand mission is the question how to concisely present Herzogenaurach. For the first time there is a unique "visual roof" for the city brand of Herzogenaurach which was created in cooperation with local experts for brand design and style. All information about the brand style of Herzogenaurach is included in the corresponding brand manual.


Future development of the "herzo" city brand

The new brand style is to be implemented during the months to come. Also the brand mission is to be established step by step to make the brand of Herzogenaurach become alive by implementing the brand guidelines.

Potential new brand partners will be informed about their possibilities for participation. The "Brand Forum Herzogenaurach" will be maintained on an annual basis as a platform for ideas and questions with regard to the brand work.

We want to thank everybody who has already contributed to this brand development process with their knowledge, creativity and enthusiasm for Herzogenaurach.

The brand mission of Herzogenaurach and its function

The brand mission is the guideline for any future brand development. It has been developed for Herzogenaurach by Herzogenaurach citizens. Briefly, it asks: Which values and characteristics do we associate with Herzogenaurach? Which of these do we want to convey and where and how can we do so?

The brand mission defines the outward identity of Herzogenaurach and shows how the diversity of our town can be transformed into a unique and uniform appearance that wins and enthuses all citizens, guests, young people, employees and enterprises for the site of Herzogenaurach on a long-term basis.

The brand mission is available for use not only for the town administration, but for everybody: from the trade, gastronomy and hotel, industrial or service branch, clubs and associations, churches, cultural institutions, etc.

Brand style

On the basis of the brand mission, the brand style has been developed since February 2014 in order to enable a uniform, recognizable, unique and competitive presentation of the town of Herzogenaurach in the future.  In cooperation with the agency triebwerk from Nuremberg and local experts for brand design and style, the "visual roof" for Herzogenaurach has been developed. This "visual roof" conveys at first sight what Herzogenaurach stands for and what makes it unique. The brand style consists of several elements, e.g. the logo, distinctive corresponding colors, lettering, imagery and shapes. The "content" (brand mission) and "packaging" (brand style) have been perfectly adjusted.

The idea behind the "herzo" city brand

The lettering "herzo" is now to be the identifier for the city brand of Herzogenaurach. This lettering will not only represent our town (administration), but also our municipal institutions (Freizeitheim, music school, public library, town museum, vhs; see figure "brand architecture") as well as potential new brand partners.

Distinctive colors
Clearly defined colors are a crucial factor for the recognizability and assertiveness of the overall appearance. Colors define the visual effect. The "Herzogenaurach yellow" is the accent color, while the basic color is the "Herzogenaurach grey".

Striking and easy-to-read writing
Brochures and documents published by the Town of Herzogenaurach and its municipal institutions will now be printed with the sanserif and easy-to-read font "Titillium". This font was created by students of the Academy of Fine Arts in Urbino, Italy.

With a series of pictures, Herzogenaurach is presented as a moving town with active citizens. These pictures can cover any topic related to Herzogenaurach, like views of the town, recreational activities and sports, family and social life, economy, events, internationality.
The pictures are authentic and show our town and its proximity. They are marked by different attributes (e.g. dynamic motives and/or contrasts). Atmospheric detailed views with emotional motives are also possible.

Brand architecture

The newly created brand architecture embraces not only the town (administration), but also the municipal institutions (town museum, music school, public library, Freizeitheim, vhs) and potential new brand partners.

Through the different levels of communication, the appearance of the brand of Herzogenaurach is subject to more or less obvious transformations. The style-defining element is the "herzo" lettering which remains consistent through all levels of communication and with this is the crucial distinctive feature.

Depending on the brand level, the colors and/or supplements - as additional brand elements besides the style-defining "herzo" lettering - can be adjusted in order to achieve a uniform overall brand image without limiting the necessary individuality of the relevant brand partner.

Brand partnership - Make use of the "herzo" city brand

Herzogenaurach needs the help of active brand partners to make the marketing strategy newly created by and for the citizens of Herzogenaurach become a real experience. With the city brand "herzo", Herzogenaurach is to be given a visual sign to create a unique, strong, recognizable and competitive appearance for the site. In cooperation with brand partners in and from Herzogenaurach, we want to approach this goal.

Possible brand partners might be non-profit organizations from Herzogenaurach (e.g. associations, clubs, initiatives, churches, cultural institutions, events / organizers) as well as any "actor" from the economic sector (e.g. companies, business persons, small, medium-sized or large enterprises from the trade, service, crafts, industrial, gastronomy or tourism branch). When entering into the contract, the brand partners explicitly commit themselves to our brand mission.

Brand partners review their offered goods and services, their projects, brand contact points etc. with regard to the seven brand guidelines. It is also important for brand partners to incorporate the brand values of Herzogenaurach into their communication concerning their products, services, projects, etc.

On the basis of our brand mission, all brand partners are a part of the marketing for the site of Herzogenaurach.

What are the benefits and advantages for brand partners?

  • On the basis of a commonly developed brand strategy, our brand partners are part of the central marketing for the site of Herzogenaurach.
  • Brand partners help Herzogenaurach become alive with regard to our positioning, for example by communicating accordingly.
  • Brand partners are part of a community actively participating in the brand development of Herzogenaurach.
  • The town administration / Amt für Stadtmarketing und Kultur (department for town marketing and culture) provide information about, and support with the implementation of the brand guidelines and principles for our brand partners in the framework of their activities / their industry.
  • The town administration / Amt für Stadtmarketing und Kultur (department for town marketing and culture) encourage a regular communication amongst the brand partners, e.g. via the brand forum, in order to create new ideas and perspectives for the brand development of Herzogenaurach.
  • Brand partners can expect to achieve a higher customer satisfaction when their customers or guests can experience what is promised by the Herzogenaurach brand and that their expectations are being fulfilled.
  • The brand partners will benefit from the brand leadership by the Town of Herzogenaurach since a well-maintained brand increases the recognizability and image of Herzogenaurach which, in the end, is to the benefit of all participators.


Interested in becoming a brand partner?

Please submit a filled-in application form to the town administration / Amt für Stadtmarketing und Kultur. With this form you inform us e.g. about your intended use of the city brand "herzo".

The application will then be reviewed and, provided everything is fine, you will receive an email with the brand license agreement as well as digital templates of the brand logo. Eventually, the different intended applications of the herzo logo have to be confirmed by the town administration / Amt für Stadtmarketing und Kultur.

A brand partnership is free of charge for the brand partner.


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