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Local shopping: We stick together

All shops and stores may open again as of 11th May. This does not only mean easy nearby shopping possibilities for you; it also enables retailers, service providers and craftsmen to offer their important goods and services and with this strengthen their family-run enterprises.

Yet, these reopenings come with a series of restrictions. We ask you for your own safety as well as for the safety of the retailers and service providers to observe these precautions - for a solidary, safe and considerate coexistence. Please keep in mind all relevant safety provisions when going shopping, collecting take-away meals, or visiting a workshop. Close, familiar, considerate - together for Herzo.

Obligation to wear mouth nose masks

As of 27th April, it is obligatory in Bavaria to wear mouth nose masks. This regulation refers to the entire short-distance public transport system and all shops and stores, also including stores that have been open already before 27th April. Mouth nose masks include cloth face masks and also community masks. A scarf or cloth is acceptable as well. It is crucial to cover your mouth and nose and to regularly disinfect and clean the mask or cloth.

If you do not have such mouth nose mask at hand, you can purchase proper masks for example at drug stores or pharmacies.




Together for Herzo!