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Co2 Reduction

Promotion program for Co2 reduction regarding buildings within the town of Herzogenaurach

The promotion program for Co2 reduction regarding buildings within the town of Herzogenaurach (in cooperation with the work group Energy of the local Agenda 21) offers various possibilities to implement Co2 reduction measures and receive considerable financial support from the town administration. The program also supports the energy-saving advice service by independent certified energy advisers for private households.

Promotion option

1. Energy pass including on-site advice service
2. Restoration of buildings - overall concept
3. Restoration of buildings - individual measures
4. Newly constructed buildings (passive house or KfW efficiency house 40)
5. Energy-saving advice service for private households
6. Solar heat
7. Exchange of heating system
8. Roof greening


When do you have to file the application?
The application for financial support has to be filed prior to the beginning of the implementation of the relevant measures (except for Promotion Module 5 Energy-Saving Advice Service).

The beginning of the implementation of measures is specified as the conclusion of a supply or service contract in the framework of the relevant project. Planning services in the framework of the relevant project may be delivered in advance.

The application has to be filed together with all documents required for the processing of the application.The application has to bear an original signature. The corresponding enclosures may also be submitted by e-mail to

When may the implementation of measures start?
Planned measures may not be implemented prior to the receipt of corresponding written approval. Any expenses arising prior to receipt of such approval are not subject to financial promotion. Exempted from this regulation are any services performed in order to be able to file the application (e.g. on-site advice services, energy-saving advice services).

For any questions, please contact Dr. Ramsbeck-Ullmann using the indicated contact information.



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