Whether you are part of a large tour group or here on your own whether you are a long term resident or have just moved here Our committed tour guides have a programme to suit everyone We offer a wide range of subjects For example you can take a stroll through the history of the town on one of the Moving through the times walks Throughout history the town has been claimed by a wide variety of rulers be it the Prussians the French or the Middle Franconians the people of Herzogenaurach have always made the best out of every situation Proof of this for example are the brothers Rudolf and Adolf Dassler as well as Georg and Wilhelm Schaeffler This guided tour will take you on a journey back to the very beginnings of the town and will give you an insight into the many challenges in the town s history In addition to the various historic town tours there are also guided tours called The Cradle of the Sporting Goods Industry Under this motto the herzoGästeführer tour guides tell you about the origins of the town s shoemakers You will learn about the two innovative and business minded brothers Rudolf and Adolf Dassler who founded two of the world s biggest sporting goods companies The herzo Gästeführer guides also invite you to take part in other interesting tours such as 100 Years of Women s History or Protestants in Herzogenaurch Upon request the town museum can be visited during some of the town tours It offers comprehensive information on the many exciting aspects of the town s history There are also special tours for children and school classes that are particularly geared to a younger audience Our guided tours are organized by the Herzogenaurach tour guides Interessensgemeinschaft Gästeführer Herzogenaurach IG herzo Gäste führer in cooperation with the Local Heritage Society Heimat verein Herzogenaurach e V Further information is available at the Tourist Information Office Herzogenaurach or under www herzogenaurach de stadtrundgaengeHi nt er gr un df ot o S us y Fi sc he r

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