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Ride a bike

Whether it's bicycle touring, mountain bike sports or riding a bike just for the fun of it: There are several short tracks in Herzogenaurach providing the opportunity to discover beautiful landscapes, nature and tourist attractions within the region by bike.

During the past few years, Herzogenaurach has made considerable investments regarding the improvement of bike paths, safe street crossings, the opening of one-way streets for cyclists and bicycle parking racks. Most places within the town are easily accessible by bicycle. A well-developed network of bike paths also connects Herzogenaurach with the big neighboring cities of Erlangen, Fuerth and Nuremberg.


Bicycle tours in and around Herzogenaurach

There are bicycle tours for cycling fans who would like to stroll through the region to their heart's content: From the idyllic Aurach valley, through the extensive pond landscapes with rare plants, water and singing birds, to the most diverse destinations for excursions.
For those looking for culinary enjoyment, there also is a "Beer garden tour", and as an alternative, there are suggestions for riding all tours on inline skates as well.


Tip: is an Online community for cyclists sharing tips for bicycle tours. Users can mark their tours in Online maps or import GPS data. also offers numerous GPS data for Herzogenaurach and the surrounding region.

Consultation and repair services

There are two bicycle shops in Herzogenaurach offering consultation and repair services:

Telephone +49 (0)9132 / 4248

Radsport Nagel
Telephone +49 (0)9132 / 9477


Town of Herzogenaurach
Tourist Information
Hauptstraße 34
91074 Herzogenaurach

Phone +49 (0) 9132 / 901-127