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Die „Nette Toilette“

The "Friendly Toilet" - smallest rooms in Herzogenaurach

The idea: In addition to the public toilets, the shops, restaurants and (public) institutions in Herzogenaurach provide free use of their toilets.

Stickers with the "Friendly Toilet" logo at the entrance mark the businesses and institutions participating in this project. Additionally, for an easy and fast overview, there is a flyer with the map of Herzogenaurach indicating the new "Friendly Toilets". The flyer also provides information on special features of the relevant toilets, for example diaper changing tables or accessible toilets.

Find "Friendly Toilets" here

These shop owners, gastronome, service provider and institutions offer a "friendly toilet" in Herzogenaurach:

  • Ansbacher Tor Trattoria Al Centro, Hauptstraße 57
  • Medical center – HerzoMed, Haydnstraße 29
  • Atlantis indoor pool, Würzburger Straße 35
  • Bücher, Medien & mehr, Hauptstraße 21
  • Ice Café Carlo, Erlanger Straße 8
  • Generations.Center, Erlanger Straße 16
  • Haarstube, Hauptstraße 14
  • Jugendhaus rabatz, Erlanger Straße 56a
  • m&i Fachklinik Herzogenaurach, In der Reuth 1
  • Reisebüro Ahlert, Rathgeberstraße 43
  • Sport Hoffmann, Zeppelinstraße 1
  • Vereinshaus, Hintere Gasse 22a
  • VHS, Badgasse 4
  • W&W Optik, Hauptstraße 22

Public toilets in Herzogenaurach

In addition to the friendly toilet there are also public toilets in town:

  • Busbahnhof, An der Schütt 20
  • Market place / Town hall, Marktplatz
  • Churchly cemetery (old cemetery), Am Friedhof 3
  • Civic cemetery Lohhof, (new cemetery), Martin-Luther-Platz 5
  • Club home, Kleingartenbauverein, Nutzungsstraße
  • School meadow next to the Cunz-Reyther-Grundschule, Niederndorf, Schulstraße 19
  • Weihersbachanlage (behind the playground),
  • Playground at the Dammbach, Dambachstraße
  • Herzo Base playground
  • Playground at the Wiwaweiher

The "Friendly toilets" app

The "Friendly toilet" app guides the user via the shortes way to the nearest public toilet. The download of the app is for free:

Wireless Internet access downtown
At several locations in the town center of Herzogenaurach, free wireless Internet access is available. As of now a free two-hour Internet access with up to 10 Mbit/s via smartphone, tablet PC and laptop is provided in main street (Hauptstraße) between the two towers, at the market square (Marktplatz) as well as at the bus station "An der Schütt".

Just a few clicks from the Internet
The user simply selects "WLAN Herzogenaurach" on his mobile device and is then forwarded to the home page. By accepting the terms of use the free WLAN is activated automatically.


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