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Thanks to its location in the Aurach valley, Herzogenaurach is surrounded by an intact natural landscape that can be explored and experienced by bike or foot. The well-labeled walking tracks in and around Herzogenaurach have a length between 5 and 10 km each and offer great experiences for everybody.

Hiking in and around Herzogenaurach

In the Birkenbühl (YELLOW 1)

An easy walk through the Birkenbühl, including the opportunity to stop off at the beer garden of the restaurant Gumbrecht in Obermembach.

Length of the track 5.5 km
Walking time 1.5 Stunden
Circular walk YELLOW 1

Around Welkenbach and Hammerbach (YELLOW 2)

This circular walk offers a pure nature experience: The track, leading from Welkenbach to Hammerbach, winds between fields and meadows and passes by several ponds. Families with kids might want to stop by at the Lindenhof. The track then leads back to Welkenbach, again through open fields.

Length of the track: 7 km
Walking time 2 hours
Cirular walk YELLOW 2

Around the Dohnwald (GREEN 1)

Everybody who likes mills will especially enjoy this walk around Dohnwald: There are three mills by the wayside. Some invite the hikers to stop by and enjoy a meal, like the Hessenmühle does.

Length of the track 6.5 km
Walking time 2 hours
Circular walk GREEN 1

Through the Steinbach Forest (GREEN 2)

Horse lovers will particularly enjoy this track. Before leading through the Steinbach Forest, this cirular walk passes through the riding stable in Höfen.

Length of the track 8 km
Walking time 2.5 hours
Circular walk GREEN 2

Via Steinbach to the Schleifmühle and Galgenhof (GREEN 3)

This circular walk starts at the Dohnwald and passes by the Schleifmühle before leading to the road between Herzogenaurach and Burgstall where it crosses the Main-Donau hiking path. The hikers then walk to the Galgenhof on the Aurachtal path.

Length of the track 7.5 km
Walking time 2.5 hours
Ciruclar walk GREEN 3

Via Burgstall and Hauptendorf (GREEN 4)

The longest - and in case of nice weather also the sunniest - circular walk leads to Burgstalls first. In case of good weather you can even see the mountain ranges of Franconian Switzerland from here. In Burgstall, the restaurant Bär invites the hikers to stay for a while. The walking track then leads past a fromere milk house on to an argricultural road. The only part of the track affording some shade leads through the Burgwald.

Length of the track 9.5 km
Walking time 3 hours
Circular walk GREEN 4