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100 Jahre Gebrüder Dassler 1924-1948


Exhibition 4.7. - 17.11.2024

This exhibition in the Herzogenaurach Town Museum shows how an extraordinary success story began.

On 1st July 1924, Adolf Dassler and Rudolf Dassler officially registered their joint “Schuhfabrik Gebrüder Dassler” (Dassler Brothers’ shoe factory) in the commercial register. This was the birth of the Dassler sports shoes.  During the Great Depression, the two brothers developed a “niche product” into a collection of highly functional shoes specially tailored to the respective sport. Dasslers’ running shoes with spikes and their lightweight football boots both revolutionized the market and gained international recognition.

The exhibition retraces the Dasslers’ family history in Herzogenaurach. The parents, Christoph and Pauline, laid the foundation for their children's lives. These years of political and economic crises were marked by the triumph of sport – also on the Aurach. With the help of original exhibits and pictures, the exhibition describes the two brothers’ early years, which in addition to the First World War and their first professional steps, were marked by a wide range of sporting activities.

As enthusiastic followers of the sports movement, the brothers also carried over the pursuit of excellence to the production of their sports shoes. And that is for every sport: from football to boxing and skiing to athletics. The big breakthrough came when top athletes wore Dassler shoes at the Olympic Games. A look at the Second World War and their break-up in 1948 concludes the joint chapter of the Dassler brothers and thus this exhibition.


Donnerstag: 17.00 ‐ 20.00 Uhr
Samstag und Sonntag: 14.00 ‐ 17.00 Uhr