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Citizens' consultation hour

The citizens' consultation hour takes place prior to every meeting of the town council between 4.30 p.m. and 5.30 p.m. in the conference hall of the Town Hall. These consultation hours are attended by one representative of each parliamentary group represented in the town council as well as the First Mayor acting as chairman.

Generally, the citizens' consultation hour is open to the public, however, in case the issue to be discussed requires so, the public can be excluded on request of the relevant citizen or the Mayor. Audience and press is accepted.

Each petition is limited to 10 minutes, including e.g. an oral introduction as well as replies by the Mayor and the members of the town council. In case no petitions have been filed by the last Monday before the town council meeting, the citizens' consultation hour is canceled.


Please file any petitions for the citizens' consultation hour in writing by Monday morning before the town council meeting at the Town of Herzogenaurach administration. Such early announcement is necessary since the relevant issue might require the consultation of an expert. The appointments are made by the department for internal organization.

Further information is available under telephone +49 (0)9132 / 901-110 or +49 (0)9132 / 901-113.

Opportunity to talk without prior announcement

Following the discussion of the announced petitions, the citizens have the opportunity to present their issues without advance announcement between 5.30 and 5.45 p.m. Each presentation is limited to 5 minutes. Within two weeks, the issue is to be processed and the relevant citizen is to be informed about the results.

Of course, you can inform us about your concerns via the usual contacts at any time.sues of purely private nature, disputes with neighbors or any other topics the Town of Herzogenaurach administration and the town council is obviously not in charge of.





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