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Fishing License

Youth Fishing License

Minimum age: 10 years
Maximum age: Completion of 18th year of age

Fee: 5.00 EUR

Fishing fee:
10 – 18 years: 10.00 EUR
15 – 18 years: 7.50 EUR
16 – 18 years: 5.00 EUR
17 – 18 years: 2.50 EUR

Adolescents having completed their 14th year of age and having successfully passed the fishing examination generally receive a lifetime fishing license.

It is also possible to issue a youth fishing license (such license, however, only enables the holder to fish when accompanied by a holder of a full-age fishing license, even after having successfully passed the fishing examination).

Lifetime Fishing License

Requirement: state fishing examination or comparable examination
Minimum age: 14 years

Fee: 35.00 EUR (for extension after 5 years:  5.00 EUR)

Fishing fee: 40.00 EUR for five consecutive years

One-time payment for lifetime: see table

Fishing fee for lifetime fishing license - one-time payment
(without reduction in accordance with s. 8 subs. 4 AVFiG (implementation regulation for fishing law))
Payment age                      Amount (EURO)
From 14th to 22nd year of age     300.00
From 23rd to 27th year of age     288.00
From 28th to 32nd year of age     256.00
From 33rd to 37th year of age     224.00
From 38th to 42nd year of age     192.00
From 43rd to 47th year of age     160.00
From 48th to 52nd year of age     128.00
From 53rd to 57th year of age     96.00
From 58th to 62nd year of age     64.00
From 63rd to 37th year of age     32.00
As of 68  years of age           exempt from fee      

Annual Fishing License

Only persons not resident in Germany can apply for the annual fishing license for three months. For the application, the foreign fishing license has to be submitted.

Fee: 7.50 EUR
Fishing fee: 15.00 EUR

State Fishing Examination

Detailed information on the fishing examination can be found on the website of the Bavarian State Research Center for Agriculture under



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