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Any media not available at the public library of Herzogenaurach can be ordered via interlibrary loan. The ordered media can be collected at the public library and, after use, can also be returned there.

The periods and fees depend on the corresponding libraries.

Regional Interlibrary Loan Network

Every person owning a valid reader's pass of the public library can use the joint online catalog "Frankenfindus" to browse through the stock of more than 210,000 pieces of media of eleven public libraries within the region, and can order books and other media.

The fee for one order is 3.00 EUR (DVDs: 4.50 EUR) per piece of media. The period of loan is 4 weeks (DVDs: 1 week). Any board games and media available at the public library of Herzogenaurach cannot be ordered via the Loan Network.

Public Library of Erlangen

The public library of Erlangen is part of the regional network Frankenfindus as well, however, its stock is not included in the joint online catalog. For a corresponding research, please use the separate internet catalog of the public library of Erlangen. Orders can be transacted by the public library of Herzogenaurach. Simply send an e-mail to

German Inter-Library Loan

Specialist books and copies of magazine essays can be ordered from the stocks of the German university libraries. The catalog of the university library of Erlangen, the library association of Bavaria or the Karlsruhe virtual catalog can be browsed for titles. The order is than processed by the public library.

The period of loan is specified by the relevant library. The fees are specified by the German inter-library loan regulations.

Light novels, children's books, tourist guides, DVDs and books available for less than 15.00 EUR in the book-selling trade cannot be ordered via the interlibrary loan of the university libraries.

The fee-based document delivery service Subito enables direct orders for door delivery with guaranteed period of delivery.