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Day of Remembrance for the Victims of National Socialism

On 27 January 2024, the town of Herzogenaurach invites you to a special concert in the Protestant Church to mark Remembrance Day 2024: Klezmer Pastorale - Beethoven meets Klezmer and other musical border crossers.

On 27 January 1945, the survivors of the Auschwitz concentration and extermination camp were liberated by Soviet soldiers. More than any other concentration camp, Auschwitz symbolises the millions of people murdered by the Nazi regime, especially Jews, but also other ethnic groups. This is why the Day of Liberation was commemorated for the first time in 1996 as a day of remembrance for the victims of National Socialism.

More than ever, the town of Herzogenaurach is also keen to commemorate this day of remembrance and to set an example for the peaceful coexistence of all peoples.

Klezmer Pastorale - Beethoven meets Klezmer

Ludwig van Beethoven was a free spirit and a visionary. The concert entitled "Klezmer Pastorale - Beethoven meets Klezmer" by the Klezmer world music band Ensemble Noisten would have been right up Beethoven's street. Well-known themes from his 6th Symphony, the Pastorale, become a klezmer dance and Beethoven's "Choir of Dervishes" becomes an oriental encounter.
His "Ode to Joy" paired with the Jewish peace song "Shalom aleychem" is transformed by the musicians into a musically moving event. Of course, other klezmer mixtures, such as the Western Skotshne, also become a true musical experience.

The Ensemble Noisten is a permanent fixture on the German music scene and beyond. Once again, the quartet led by clarinettist Reinald Noisten presents itself with its usual stylistic confidence and love of experimentation. Their trademark: unbridled joy of playing, virtuoso technique and stylish arrangements. You can look forward to an inspiring concert.

The Ensemble Noisten

Reinald Noisten - clarinets
Claus Schmidt - guitars, ney flute
Andreas Kneip - double bass
Shanmugalingam Devakuruparan - percussion


Klezmer is Eastern European Jewish dance and wedding music. Klezmer music is above all an expression of deeply felt religiosity and exuberant joie de vivre.

A klezmer musician lives from his authentic way of playing. The vitality of this music is that during the Jewish migrations it has repeatedly absorbed elements of other musical styles, such as those of the Ukraine, the Balkans, jazz... and yet has remained recognisable in its independence. That is why it seems genuine and touching.


Advance booking 10.00 EUR / 5.00 EUR reduced.
Box office 12.00 EUR / 7.00 EUR reduced.

Free admission for pupils and students.

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