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The Public Collection

Farming Citizens and Territorial Lords
This exhibition area is focused on the life of farming citizens in an episcopal rural town, on the organization of the municipal community and the rights of the territorial lords. The staged moving-in of a beneficiary is the focal point of the exhibition area dealing with the history of the Spital and the municipal social system.

Handcraft and Industry
Realia of the guilds give some indication of the important functions of crafts organizations. The comprehensive exhibition area "Handcraft and Industry" displays exhibits of the economic development of the town from the Middle Ages via the Industrialization until the structural transformation after World War II. Emphasis is on the cloth manufacturing sector prevalent in the town for more than 500 years, as well as on modern sports shoe industry. Tools of the clothiers as well as original shoes of the Herzogenaurach sports goods manufacturers adidas and Puma are some of the exhibits.

Church, Arts and Piety
On the former attic of the Spital, there is an exhibition of sacral paintings and sculptures, for example including works of the drawing priest Michael Störcher and the sculptor Maria Lerch. A staging enables the view of an atelier of the honorary citizen. A collection of documents of folk religion from the Middle Ages until the late 19th century provides an indication of the importance of piety in the traditionally Catholic town.