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Concept of the music school Herzogenaurach

Educational institution
As educational institution, our music school is a member of the association of German music schools and fulfills the public educational mandate for music education and the cultivation of music.

Teaching staff
Our teachers are dedicated and committed in many ways. They have a music education and artistic qualification and regularly participate in further trainings.

Our aim is to support and educate all people interested in music according to their talents and interests, to continuously accompany them through their personal development, and to convey not only the knowledge required for playing the relevant instrument but also social skills by playing music together.

Our music school cultivates a verified network with contacts to schools, associations, churches, the economy etc. in Herzogenaurach. Thanks to its multitude of different events, also in cooperation with other institutions, it is an integral part of the cultural life of the town.

Music culture

Our music school helps to preserve music in its different European styles and epochs as cultural asset, but is also open to new developments.

Our aim
For us, music gives people the possibility to communicate across all cultures and national borders. We want to ensure that this possibility remains available for as many people as possible in the years to come.