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Department for Building Regulations and Traffic Management

The Department for Building Regulations and Traffic Management is subdivided into the following divisions: building code, traffic, financial contributions and traffic surveillance.

Subject area Traffic system

Point of contact for traffic-related issues - Road Traffic Department

  • Traffic-law orders
  • Special access permits
  • Resident parking permits
  • Parking permits for severely disabled persons

Mrs Lößel
Phone +49 (0) 9132 / 901-222

Mr Bartosch
Telefon +49 (0) 9132 / 901-224

For any works and events concerning or affecting public road traffic areas (roads, sidewalks, bike paths, etc.), a corresponding traffic-law order / special access permit and, if necessary, also a permission (for events) has to be obtained, specifying the details e.g. with regard to the required fencing or signage.
This particularly applies when:

  • digging up roads
  • erecting scaffolding
  • putting up construction waste containers
  • storing construction material
  • implementing temporary stopping restriction zones (e.g. when moving in or out)
  • closing a road (e.g. for a neighborhood festival)

The following has to be submitted:

  • application form
  • site plan with indication of areas affected
  • fees

Building code

Point of contact for building regulation issues

  • planning application procedure
  • Building Registration Authority
  • Urban Planning Committee issues and office
  • Bavarian Law on Streets and Ways

Mr. Reitinger
Phone +49 (0) 9132 / 901-223

Applications for building regulation procedures

Any applications regarding the building permission procedure can be filed during the normal opening hours. When submitting the application in person, the documents are generally checked for formal completeness immediately.

Types of applications

  • Building application
  • Application for preliminary notice (formal preliminary building inquiry)
  • Partial building permission application
  • Release from permission requirement procedure
  • Demolition notice
  • Application for separate procedure (release/deviation from building code or other local regulations)
  • Informal building inquiries

Any applications and corresponding documents have to be submitted threefold in the
GREEN (original)
RED (copy)
BEIGE (second copy) folders.

Information available at Building Registration Authority


Access to records

The Building Registration Authority maintains the building records for all existing buildings (exceptions might occur) within the town area of Herzogenaurach as of 1963. For any records prepared before 1963, please contact the Record Office of Bamberg, Hainstraße 39, 96047 Bamberg, telephone: +49 (0)951 98622-0. Access to the building records is granted to any persons entitled to receive information.

Persons entitled to receive information

Generally, the owner of a property is the only person entitled to be granted access to the building records. Any other persons may only be granted access to the records and information when submitting an authorization by the owner. In this case, the authorization may not be older than one year as of the date of issue. It is recommended to call under +49 (0)9132 901-223 prior to visiting the authority.

Fees for access and copies

Any access to building records as well as copies thereof is subject to charges. The corresponding fees (access to records: EUR 7.50 - copies A3/A4: EUR 0.50/sheet - plotted construction documents EUR 15.00) are being invoiced in accordance with the Fees and Charges Regulations of the Town of Herzogenaurach in connection with the Municipal Fee Schedule.

Subject area Road construction contributions/Development contributions

Point of contact for

  • Road Construction Contributions Regulations  Legal basis: s. 5 Local Rates Act as well as the "Regulations on the Collection of Contributions for the Recovery of Expenses for the Creation, Purchase, Improvement or Renewal of Streets, Ways and Squares" of the Town of Herzogenaurach (since 1993, adapted in 2003)

Mr. Stöcker
Phone +49 (0) 9132 / 901-221

Mr. Bartosch
Phone +49 (0) 9132 / 901-224

Subject area Sewerage development contributions

Sewerage development contributions - What is it and what is it for? 

The Town of Herzogenaurach provides a sewerage system (channels) and a modern sewage plant. The opportunity to connect a property to this sewerage system depicts a benefit for the relevant property.

The contributions are charged as a compensation for this benefit and eventually are to cover the corresponding expenses made by the Town for the creation and maintenance of the sewerage system.

Besides the one-time contributions, there are also regular fees.

The collection of these contributions is based on the Regulations on Contributions and Fees for the Sewerage Regulations by the Town of Herzogenaurach.

Contribution rates - What are the criteria for the calculation of contributions?

The contributions depend on

  • plot area
  • floor area

The floor area is calculated on the basis of the external dimensions of the building for each floor.

Attic floors are also subject to charges as far as they are developed.

In case the floor area is subsequently increased (e.g. development of attic floor, winter garden), the person liable for contributions is obliged to correspondingly inform the Town of Herzogenaurach at the time of completion of the building measures.

Contribution facts - Which properties are subject to contributions?

The following properties are subject to contributions:

  • built-up as well as developed properties
  • commercially used properties as well as properties meant for commercial use
  • other properties actually generating wastewater

The corresponding contribution liability starts with the completion of the building measure and is due one month after receipt of the contribution invoice.

Point of contact
Mrs. Dippacher
Phone  +49 (0) 9132 / 901-228


Town of Herzogenaurach
Department for Building Regulations and Traffic Management

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91074 Herzogenaurach

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Fax +49 (0) 9132 / 901-229

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