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Department for Building Regulations and Traffic Management

The Department for Building Regulations and Traffic Management is subdivided into the following divisions:

Functional Area: Building Code

Point of contact for building regulation issues

  • Building application procedures
  • Building registration authority
  • Urban Planning Committee issues and meeting coordination
  • Bavarian Law on Streets and Ways

Mrs Schroth
Telephone +49 (0) 9132 / 901-223

File applications with regard to building regulation procedures

Any type of application regarding building permit procedures can be submitted directly at the internal post box of the Interim Town Hall or sent to the Town Administration by post. It is not necessary to hand the documents to a staff member of the Building Code Authority in person.
Please make sure, in cooperation with your architect or person authorized to present the building documents, that the relevant application is complete. Only complete and auditable applications can be processed.

In case the preliminary examination of the documents shows that documents or relevant signatures are missing, we will contact the builder or his/her agent. Please note that possible periods for automatic approval in accordance with the Federal Building Code (BauGB) do not start until all necessary documents have been submitted completely.

Types of application

  • Building application
  • Application of preliminary notice (formal preliminary building inquiry)
  • Partial building permit
  • Release from permit requirement
  • Demolition notice
  • Application for isolated procedures (exemption/deviation from land-use plan or other local regulations)
  • Informal building inquiry

All applications, together with the relevant documents, have to be submitted in triplicate in the folders
GREEN (original)
RED (first copy)
BEIGE (second copy).

Information from Building Registration Authority

Access to records

The Building Registration Authority maintains all building records for buildings within the Herzogenaurach town area since 1963 (exemptions are possible, particularly older records may be incomplete). For access to records older than 1963, please contact the state archive in Hainstraße 39, 96047 Bamberg, telephone +49 (0) 951 / 98622-0.

Only persons entitled to receive information will be granted access to building records.

Mrs Moritz
Phone 09132 / 901-228

Persons entitled to receive information

Generally, only the owner of an estate is entitled to receive information from the relevant building records. Otherwise, access to records or information from records can only be granted to persons authorized by the owner. Please present an ID document as well as a currently valid letter of authority issued by the owner.

Fill in the “Application for access to a building record” (see download area). For organizational reasons, access to records is only possible on Friday mornings. Please arrange a corresponding appointment (telephone +49 (0) 9132 / 901-228).

Costs for access to records and for copies

Information from building records, access to records as well as copies thereof are fee-based. The relevant fees (access to records: 15.00 EUR - copies/scan A3/A4: 0.50 EUR/page - plot plans: 15.00 EUR) are charged in accordance with the Fees and Charges Regulations of the Town of Herzogenaurach and the Municipal Fee Schedule (KommKVz).


Further links

Functional Area: Traffic System

Point of contact for traffic law issues - Road Traffic Department

Mrs Lößel
Telephone +49 (0) 9132 / 901-222

Mrs Schandert
Telephone +49 (0) 9132 / 901-221

Applications for traffic-law orders can only be submitted by e-mail to

For any works or events causing an impairment of public places (roads, sidewalks, bike paths, etc.), a traffic-law order / special-use permit as well as, if necessary, a corresponding event permit has to be obtained; such permit includes, for example, the requirements for securing and signposting a construction / event site. This is particularly relevant in the following cases:

  • Excavation works
  • Erection of scaffoldings
  • Placing of construction waste containers
  • Storage of construction material
  • Setting up a temporary parking restriction (e.g. when moving in or moving out)   
  • Closing of a road

Please note that the application needs to be submitted at least 14 workdays prior to the beginning of the relevant event to

Documents required for the application

  • Application for traffic-law orders
  • Informative plan of the site including relevant signs (marking of areas required for containers, construction site equipment, etc., location of the construction site, type and location of traffic signs to be installed)
  • Particularly in case of applications filed by companies: signage plan, applicable traffic sign plan, plan showing detour signs in case of complete closure of a road (incl. all necessary traffic signs)
  • Site plan with marking of all areas used for construction site

We generally expect the applicant to be informed about the local situation and about the relevance of the application. It is necessary to submit an informative and recognizable signage / site plan already when filing the application. The application can only be processed when the relevant signage / site plan has been submitted. Please note that an additional fee might be charged in case the processing of your application has required extra effort due to incomplete documents submitted. Therefore make sure to submit all relevant necessary documents together with the application.

Fees Traffic Law Order (VAO)

Kleine Maßnahme / Gewegsperrung * 40,00 EUR
Halbseitige Sperrung* 50,00 EUR
Vollsperrung* 60,00 EUR
Aufstellung Container * 25,00 EUR
Ausnahmegenehmigung 15,00 EUR

Sondernutzungserlaubnis (Infostände)

35,00 EUR
Erlaubnis für Veranstaltung nach § 29 StVO 35,00 EUR
Verspätete Antragsstellung / Säumniszuschlag - unter 12 Werktagen 10,00 EUR
Verlängerung der VAO - bis 2 Wochen 15,00 EUR
Verlängerung der VAO - über 2 Wochen 25,00 EUR
Änderungen, Terminverschiebungen 15,00 EUR
Umfragen ohne gewerblichen Hintergrund 15,00 EUR
Umfragen mit gewerblichem Hintergrund 35,00 EUR

*zzgl. Sondernutzungsgebühr je anfangene 25m²
in der 1. Woche                      10,00 EUR
ab der 2. Woche / pro Woche 15,00 EUR

Stand 1. Februar 2021

Functional Area: Traffic Monitoring

Speed enforcement

Phone +49 (0)9132/901-248

Opening hours
Wednesday 9.00 am to noon, 1 pm to 3 pm

Parking Surveillance

Phone +49 (0)9132/901-225

Functional Area: Road Construction Contributions / Development Contributions

Point of contact for

  • Road Construction Contributions Regulations (SABS)
    Legal basis: Art. 5 Local Rates Act (KAG) as well as the “Regulations on the Collection of Contributions for the Recovery of Expenses for the Creation, Purchase, Improvement or Renewal of Streets, Ways and Squares” of the Town of Herzogenaurach (since 1993, updated in 2003)

Mr Bartosch
Phone +49 (0) 9132 / 901-224


Functional Area: Sewerage Development Contributions

Sewerage development contributions - What is it and what is it used for?

The town of Herzogenaurach maintains a sewerage system (tunnels) and a modern sewage plant. This is an advantage for all estates that have the possibility to be connected with this sewerage system.
Therefore the town administration charges a fee that compensates for this advantage and eventually settles the expenses caused by the installation and maintenance of the sewerage system.

There are one-time fees as well as regular contributions.

The calculation of such fees and contributions is based on the Regulations on Contributions and Fees (BGS-EWS) in connection with the Sewerage Regulations (EWS) of the Town of Herzogenaurach.

Calculation of contributions - What are the criteria for the calculation of the contributions?

The contributions are calculated on the basis of the size of the plot area
Floor area

The floor area is determined by the external dimensions of the buildings on all floors.
Attic floors are subject to the calculation of contributions as far as they have been developed.

In case the floor area is extended (e.g. by development of an attic floor or by adding a winter garden), the town administration has to be informed correspondingly as soon as the relevant construction measures have been completed. 

Subject to contributions - Which estates are subject to contributions?

The following estates are subject to the contributions:

  • Estates with buildings or suitable for buildings
  • Estates under commercial use or suitable for commercial use
  • Other areas where wastewater is actually produced

The obligation to pay the contribution is established with the completion of the relevant construction measures and is due one month after receipt of the demand for payment.


Contact person
Mrs Moritz

Telephone  +49 (0) 9132 / 901-228


Building committee appointmens and deadlines 2023

Deadline planning application Meeting building committee
27th  December 2022 25th January 2023, 5 pm
26th  January 2023 28th February 2023, 5 pm
24th February 2023 22nd March 2023, 5 pm
23rd March 2023 26th April 2023, 5 pm
27th April 2023 23rd May 2023, 5 pm  
24th May 2023 21st June 2023, 5 pm
22nd June 2023 25th July 2023, 5 pm
21st August 2023 13rd September 2023, 5 pm
14th. September 2023 25th October 2023, 5 pm
23th October 2023 22nd November 2023, 5 pm
20th November 2023 13th December 2023, 5 pm

Town of Herzogenaurach
Department for Building Regulations and Traffic Management

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