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Bicycle traffic in Herzogenaurach

During the last 10 years, the share of cyclists in public traffic has increased from 16 to 20 percent. This is the result of a representative household survey in the framework of the update of the traffic development plan 2012.

The Town of Herzogenaurach has specified an ambitious aim for the future, namely to increase the share of cyclists to 25 percent until 2020.

It has shown that domestic traffic - i.e. traffic within the town area between the urban quarters - makes up for 50 percent of the overall volume of traffic. In many cases, these rides are no longer than 3 km. The volume of motorized traffic could be reduced significantly if such short distances where covered by bus or bicycle.

The improvement and extension of the network of bike paths is to contribute to an increase in bicycle traffic.


  • traffic is to be reduced or at least to not further increase;
  • there is less stress for the residents of the streets;
  • air pollution is reduced;
  • gas and money can be saved;
  • health is promoted by the corresponding physical exercise.

For any questions regarding the following topics, please contact the bicycle traffic official, Mrs. Geinzer:

  • Network of bike paths and signage
  • Bicycle expressways
  • Promotion of bicycle traffic
  • AGFK (Working Group for Cyclist-Friendly Communities) membership