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Whenever a user accesses this website, the relevant access data is stored for data security reasons. Depending on the access log applied, the log file contains data with the following contents:

  • IP address of the requesting computer
  • Date and time of the request
  • Access mode / function desired by the requesting computer
  • Input values (e.g. file name) transmitted by the requesting computer
  • Access information of the web server (file transmitted, file not found, command not implemented, etc.)
  • Name of the file requested
  • URL from which the file is requested / the desired function is prompted (URL = Uniform Resource Locator, address of a website)

The stored data is exclusively used to identify and track inadmissible access attempts or accesses to the web server. Generally, the logged data is stored for 7 days before deletion.

Active components

This website uses cookies and Java scripts to make it more user-friendly. Cookies are text files sent by the server and stored on your computer. They enable, for example, the anonymous recognition
of your Internet browser. This data shall not be forwarded to any third party and shall not, without your consent, be combined with personal data. When accessing our website, a pop-up appears asking whether cookies are to be stored or not. Our website can be viewed without cookies. However, we point out that disabling cookies might impair some of the functions of this website and thus make it less user-friendly.

Statistical analysis

This website uses the open-source software Piwik for a statistical analysis of user accesses. For this purpose, Piwik uses the data to create user profiles (including your shortened IP address) with
pseudonyms. The software stores cookies (text files) on your computer enabling an analysis of your use of our website. Your IP address is being anonymized immediately after the processing and
prior to being stored so that you as the user remain anonymous. The information about your use of the website created by the cookie shall not be transferred to any third party. In case you don't want Piwik to store any cookies, you can deactivate the installation of cookies via the settings of your browser (use the help function of your browser to find further corresponding information). In this case you might not be able to use all functions offered.

Use of Facebook extension (Like button)

On the websites of the Town of Herzogenaurach, you are able to share individual sites via Facebook, using the plug-ins in the footer of the municipal Internet presence. For the social media buttons
incorporated in the websites, the Town of Herzogenaurach uses the Shariff solution compliant with the relevant data protection regulations. When visiting our websites, the plug-in establishes a direct connection between your browser and the Facebook server. Thus Facebook receives the information that you have visited our sites with your IP address. When clicking on the Facebook "Like button"
while you are logged in on your Facebook account, you may link the contents of our sites with your Facebook profile. With this, Facebook can allocate the visit to our websites to your user account. We emphasize that we as provider of the websites do not have any knowledge of the data transmitted, or of the use thereof, by Facebook. Further corresponding information can be found in the Privacy Policy of Facebook under If you do not want Facebook to be able to allocate your visit of our websites to your Facebook user account, please log off your Facebook
user account.

Use of Twitter extension

The functions of the Twitter services are incorporated into our websites. By using Twitter and the function "Re-tweet", the websites you have visited are being allocated to your Twitter account and
made public for access by other users. This also includes the transmission of data to Twitter. We point out that we as provider of the websites do not have any knowledge of the data transmitted, or of the use thereof, by Twitter. Further corresponding information can be found in the Privacy Policy of Twitter under

E-mail safety

When sending an e-mail to the Town of Herzogenaurach, the e-mail address is only used for this correspondence with the sender. Please note that e-mails might be read or altered by unauthorized and unnoticed access during the transmission process. Currently, it is not possible to offer a transmission of e-mails secured by encryption, or the use of electronic signatures. As far as encryption or electronic signature is applied in the framework of the offer or the online application of the Town of Herzogenaurach, this is appropriately indicated (also see Electronic communication with the Herzogenaurach town administration).

Contact form

In case you would like to send us an inquiry via the contact form, your information entered in the contact form, including the provided contact data, are being stored by us in the framework of the
processing of the data, and for any subsequent questions by you. We shall not forward this information without your prior consent.

Newsletter data

In case you would like to subscribe to the newsletter offered on the website, you have to provide your e-mail address, as well as information enabling us to verify that you actually are the holder of the indicated e-mail address and that you approve of receiving the newsletter. No further data is being collected. The collected data shall be used exclusively for the delivery of the requested information and shall not be forwarded to third parties. The granted permission for storage of the data, the e-mail address and the use thereof for delivery of the newsletter can be revoked at any time via the "unsubscribe" link in the newsletter.

Register function

The data entered for registration for the event calendar of the Town of Herzogenaurach shall be used exclusively for the use of the relevant offer. The users may receive information about the offer and the corresponding registration, like changes of the range of offers, or technical issues. The registration inquiry form indicates which data is to be collected. This particularly includes the name and e-mail address.

Links (data connections)

In accordance with s. 5 subs. 1 German Teleservices Act and s. 5 of the Interstate Agreement on Media Services, the Town of Herzogenaurach as content provider is exclusively responsible for "own" contents offered for use. Such own contents are to be distinguished from cross references ("links") to contents made available by other providers. With links to external sites, the Town of Herzogenaurach enables access to "third-party" contents. Any cross reference by the Town of Herzogenaurach solely offers access for use of such contents (s. 9 Teleservices Act). The Town of Herzogenaurach does not assume any liability with regard to these "third-party" contents since it does not prompt the transfer of
information, does not chose the recipient of the information and does neither chose nor alter the transferred information. Thanks to the relevant applied activation and link method, there is no automated short-term buffer storage of such "third-party information" by the Town of Herzogenaurach, i.e. there neither is any responsibility of the Town of Herzogenaurach for such third-party contents in this regard. Yet, when establishing a link to such online offers for the first time, the Town of Herzogenaurach reviews the relevant third-party contents with regard to any civil or criminal liabilities arising from such contents. However, in case the Town of Herzogenaurach notices, or a third party indicates, the fact that a specific offer linked to by the Town of Herzogenaurach causes any civil or criminal liabilities, the Town of Herzogenaurach will immediately revoke the relevant reference to this offer as far as technically possible and reasonable. For any illegal, incorrect or incomplete contents, and particularly for any damage caused by the use or disuse of third-party information, the provider of the
website that has been linked to assumes sole liability.

Data collection and storage

As far as the collection and processing of personal data of users is required in the framework of this offer or any online application of the Town of Herzogenaurach, this is appropriately indicated.

General data protection

Data protection is a very important issue for the Town of Herzogenaurach. Any collection and storage of personal data is subject to statutory regulations. For any questions regarding the Privacy Policy for this website, please contact:
Town of Herzogenaurach department for data protection, telephone +49 (0) 9132 / 901-252, e-mail: