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E-mobility in Herzogenaurach

Electric mobility is part of our future: It brings environmentally friendly, silent and efficient vehicles. The Town of Herzogenaurach promotes electric mobility by successively providing public charging stations - for e-cars and e-bikes.

Charging stations for e-cars

  • Parking area P1 (car park “An der Schütt”)
  • Parking area P4 (Town Hall, Hintere Gasse 32), currently not available
  • Parking area at KUWE bridge (An der Schütt 10)
  • Parking area Interim Town Hall (Wiesengrund 1)
  • Parking area Atlantis indoor pool (Würzburger Straße 35)
  • Industrial area North II (Werner-Heisenberg-Straße 8)
  • Residential area INA-Ring (INA-Ring 22)
  • Residential area Herzo Base (Münchner Straße 21 and 2)
  • new! Residential area Niederndorf (Schulstraße, near elementary school)
  • new! Residential area Lohhof (Martin-Luther-Platz, near Lohhof cemetery)
  • Residential area Behälterberg Niederndorf (Fasanenweg 1)
  • Customer parking area Herzo Werke (Schießhausstraße 5), currently under construction, available soon

The decentralized expansion of the charging station infrastructure is pursued continuously. Currently there are further charging stations being installed for example in the residential area Herzo Base as well as a fast charging station with 50 kW in Beethovenstraße. Additionally, the Puma and adidas outlet stores offer charging stations for their customers.

Charging station for e-bikes

There are also charging stations for e-bikes within the town area. You can find them here:

  • Outdoor pool (Tuchmachergasse 1)
  • Bike parking area An der Schütt

Cooperation between HerzoWerke and Ladeverbund+

The e-charging stations in Herzogenaurach are maintained by Herzo Werke GmbH who are also responsible for the expansion of the charging station infrastructure. For this purpose, the HerzoWerke cooperate with the Ladeverbund+ association. The Online-Ladesäulenfinder by Ladeverbund+ also lists all charging stations in Herzogenaurach, provided the list is correspondingly up to date.

Since end of August 2019, the calculation of the fees at the charging stations in Herzogenaurach is based on the official weights and measures regulations. The charging stations of the Ladeverbund+ association offer a standard charge and a reduced charge. The fees are staggered based on the charging time and the charging capacity of your vehicle. The time intervals for the calculation of the charging fees are 15 minutes each. The fee is then calculated based on the average charging capacity per interval. This is the basis for the calculation of the overall price for the entire charging process.



Herzo Werke GmbH

Schießhausstr. 9
91074 Herzogenaurach

Phone 09132 / 9040