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Youth in Herzogenaurach

Festivals, workshops & courses, trips - the Generations.Center of the Town of Herzogenaurach offers teenagers a variety of possibilities to spend their leisure time, to participate in activities and to actively commit in the public life of the town.

Point of contact

Erlanger Straße 16
91074 Herzogenaurach

Phone +49 (0) 9132 / 73 41 70

Youth Advisory Board of the Town of Herzogenaurach

The Culture Committee of the Town Council has established the Youth Advisory Board. The task of the Youth Advisory Board is to discuss items relevant for children and teenagers, as well as to support the
dialog between the youth and the Town Council.

The Youth Advisory Board is represented in the Town Council by Peter Simon, Konrad Körner, Sarah Litz and Dr. Manfred Welker. 

For any ideas, suggestions or criticism, please contact:  

Stadt Herzogenaurach Jugendbeirat Postfach 1260 91072 Herzogenaurach



The work group Participation / the rabatz council are the possibilities for teenagers to participate in a committee and actively shape the youth work. You’re interested?

Contact the rabatz team!

Holiday Program

Every year during summer holidays, the Generations.Center offers a Holiday Program for children and teenagers.  

Many associations offer the possibility to take a look at their activities, like for example different sports clubs including tennis, WingTjung, BMX bike or billiards and snooker.   
Additionally, the kids can also prove their craftsmanship: for example when constructing a boombox or longboard.  

In 2017 again, the Holiday Program will be full of surprises! The program will be published here in June 2017. 

rabatz house for the youth

The rabatz house for the youth is the center for open youth work. 
With workshops, parties and trips, the staff offer possibilities to get creative, to live out and meet people from different cultural backgrounds. 

Participation is an essential element. So... get involved and govern the youth work.