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Town development and town planning

Town development is the overall geographic, historic and structural development of a town. This might mean the planning and development either of the entire town or the development of individual town quarters.

The town history of Herzogenaurach includes significant growth particularly during and after the 1950s.
The town of Herzogenaurach with its currently approx. 24,000 citizens benefits from its convenient location in the metropolitan region of Nuremberg. Thanks to an above-average number of available jobs the proposed development remains positive.

Therefore a well-organized urban building development is an important aspect of town development. The urban land-use planning (land development plan and land-use plan) is one of the central control instruments regulated in the Federal Building Code.
Town development and town planning is a cross-sectional task embracing aspects of building and structuring as well as supra-local items and numerous topics from other areas like traffic and infrastructure planning, nature and landscape protection, emission control and climate protection. Social, economic and ecologic aspects have to be taken into account and brought in line.
Besides several traffic projects, there is information available regarding the land-use possibilities of the currently developed industrial and residential areas of the town as well as information on some municipal building planning projects.


Town of Herzogenaurach
Department for Planning and Ecology
Mrs Wettstein

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