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Endurance, strength and physical condition can be exercised and improved on the Herzogenaurach Fitness Track in the Dohnwald forest. The cross-country circular course provides diverse exercise equipment. One highlight is the new fitness island which practically is a free-of-charge gym in the midst of the forest.

Just like the Nordic Walking Track, the Fitness Track also starts at the car par at the end of the Schlaffhäusergasse.

At the first crossing, however, the Fitness Track diverges to the right.

This is where the fitness island can be found as well.
Additional exercise equipment can be found alongside the further course of the track.

The track has a total length of 2 km.

Fitness Island

This open-air gym consists of five different stations:

- Back stretching station
- Push-up station
- Pull-up station
- Leg lift station
- Torso lift station

The individual stations are equipped with signs giving detailed instructions for the corresponding exercises.



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